Eritrea in the News exhibition’s successful opening in London – 5th September

  • Eritrea Hub published photos of the launch event for photography exhibition ‘Eritrea in the News’, organised by Eritrea Focus at the Resource for London on Tuesday 4 September.
  • The exhibition was opened by Lord Alton of Liverpool and Habte Hagos of Eritrea Focus.
  • The photographs tell the story of Eritrea from the days of Italian colonialism to the current rapprochement with Ethiopia.
  • Resource for London will host two more Eritrea Focus events on the 15th and 22nd September. Ethiopian commercial ship docks in Eritrea for first time in 20 years: broadcaster – 5th September

  • Reuters reports on an announcement from Eritrean state-affiliated media that an Ethiopian commercial ship docked in an Eritrean port for the first time in two decades, in a concrete sign of a stunning rapprochement between the neighbours and former foes.
  • The Mekelle entered the Red Sea port of Massawa and was due to carry 11,000 tonnes of Eritrean zinc to China, Ethiopian broadcaster Fana Broadcasting reported.
  • Landlocked Ethiopia has said it wants to make the re-opening of two roads connecting it to two of Eritrea’s ports a priority in the reconciliation process. Eritrea’s economic progress augurs well for peace deal – Ethiopia PM – 5th September

  • Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has lauded the Eritrean government for ongoing infrastructural works, specifically on roads and its port services.
  • “Progress in this component augurs well for efforts of both sides to ensure full implementation of all five pillars of the agreement,” he told reporters after visiting the Eritrean port of Massawa.
  • The agreement in question is the July 9 peace deal he signed with Eritrea’s president Isaias Afwerki to end a state of war that existed between them for close to two decades. Asmara hosts meeting between Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia leaders – 5th September

  • Africanews reports on Information Minister Yemane Meskel’s announcement that a meeting of the leaders of the three Horn of Africa countries was about to take place in the Eritrean capital, Asmara.
  • Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has already arrived in the country where he was met by Eritrean president Isaias Afwerki at the Assab airport.
  • Abiy’s return to Asmara is the first time since July 2018 when he arrived for an official visit leading to the signing of a peace deal that ended a protracted war between the two nations.
  • Beside Assab, Abiy is expected to visit the other port city of Massawa and to also hold high-level discussions with Afwerki over the implementation of the July 9 agreement. ‘One dies in Libya’ – 5th September

  • InfoMigrants reports on the story of Josief Kesete, an Eritrean migrant saved by the Italian coast guard ship Diciotti. It took him three and a half years to travel from Sudan to Milan, Italy.
  • Josief is a 25 year-old Eritrean. His journey towards Italy began from Khartoum in Sudan, where he lived with relatives to save money for the trip. He said it was a ”long and difficult journey, which lasted a total of 3 years and 7 months. I left in 2015”.
  • In Eritrea, Josief left his entire family of farmers who he has not heard from in over a year. US, France must quickly lift UN sanctions on Eritrea – Ex-US diplomat – 4th September

  • Africanews shares the view of Herman Cohen, a former US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, on the need to lift sanctions on Eritrea to benefit from new investment opportunities.
  • Cohen said that the United States and France must act fast to support the lifting of sanctions on Eritrea in their own investment interest “or they will lose out on good investment opportunities in the Red Sea nation.”
  • Eritrea has since 2009 been under a UN Security Council arms embargo because of its alleged support for al-Shabaab insurgents in Somalia. They have repeatedly called for the UN to lift the “useless and unjustified” sanctions.
  • Cohen spoke after Eritrea’s recent diplomatic dealings with Russia. The country’s Foreign Affairs chief led a delegation to Russia where he met and held talks with his counterpart.
  • Africanews reports that Russia has since announced that it was set to invest in an Eritrean port – by way of a logistics facility. The two diplomats also discussed issues of bilateral and mutual interest.


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