Eritrea Hub: Catholic priest to President Isaias – respect the people, introduce the rule of law – 02 November

  • Eritrea Hub reports on an address from Aba Teklemichael Tewelde, a scholar and Catholic priest who spoke out against the Eritrean government at an annual religious ceremony on 12 October.
  • Aba Teklemichael Tewelde urged President Afwerki’s government to take its people’s needs into consideration by bringing about fundamental and overdue change in its approach to citizens’ freedoms, and called upon Eritrean youth to stop fleeing the country.
  • Mr Tewelde contrasted Eritrea’s current situation against Ethiopia’s success since Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed implemented the 2000 Algiers agreement.
  • “What we wish for, as we have witnessed (in Ethiopia), is for real and comprehensive change to take place in regards to peace and national reconciliation that ensures the participation of (Eritreans) in Diaspora, as well as those now in prison. We wish for a change which centres on the rule of law,” he told the audience.

Teller Report: Without news of their disappeared, Irob fear to be harmed by the peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea – 02 November

  • News aggregator Teller Report publishes a translation of an article that originally appeared in Le Monde Afrique.
  • The article reports on the concerns expressed by the Irob community, spread around the Ethiopia-Eritrea border regions, that the peace agreement could harm their unity.
  • In June, on the initiative of its new Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, Ethiopia accepted the new delimitation of the boundary line after the war. It had determined in 2002 that some Ethiopian localities actually belonged to Eritrea, starting with Badme, the symbolic city where the conflict had begun, and Irob villages such as Endalgeda.
  • This could involve the tearing apart of the Irob community, who criticised the measure and asked to be consulted.


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