The Embassy of the State of Eritrea to the EU and Benelux countries is deeply disappointed, and expresses its profound dismay, at the EU’s incessant and unwarranted acts of hostility against Eritrea.

Indeed, instead of reviewing in good-faith, and making amends to, the misguided sanctions that it had adopted against the country in March 2021 primarily to advance its perceived geopolitical objectives in the Horn in the midst of a raging conflict in northern Ethiopia – Brussels has the audacity to renew its adversarial stance invoking flawed legal tools and trumped-up charges.

The fact is the EU has no moral prerogative or high ground to lecture on human rights to Eritrea.

Eritrea is a nation born in the struggle for human rights. The full respect of human rights, in its broadest sense political, civic, economic, social and cultural – accordingly remains central and pivotal in its policy perspectives, aspirations and nation-building programmes and objectives. Thus, Eritrea’s commitment to human rights in its holistic sense underpins Eritrea’s policy of social justice.

The EU does not only gloss over Eritrea’s successive report on UPR to the Commission of Human Rights Council in Geneva where the country has been commended by many member countries of the Council for the significant progress that it has made like all other member States; but it disingenuously conflates the biased & politically motivated diatribes of the Special Rapporteur as the considered and unanimous position of the UN system.

The message to Eritrea is, regrettably, that the EU remains still wedded to obstructive policies to derail Eritrea from its noble vision of nation-building and promotion of regional peace, stability, and mutual cooperation.

This is an attack, not so much on the government, but on a civilized people and society who cherish human values and dignity. The EU has indeed trespassed its limits – posturing, as it does, to micromanage a sovereign state’s internal affairs.

In these circumstances, the Eritrean Embassy in Brussels vehemently rejects the unwarranted adversarial accusations of the EU.
Eritrean Embassy
3 June 2024


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