BBC Tigrinya Service – Resource for London hosts exhibition on Eritrea — 10 September

  • BBC Tigrinya covers the photography exhibition organised by Eritrea Focus at the Resource for London.
  • The coverage includes an interview with the Chairman of Eritrea Focus, Habte Hagos.
  • The BBC Tigrinya report includes pictures both of the photographs on display and of the exhibition itself, formally opened by Lord Alton of Liverpool.

Xinhua News Agency: Ethiopia eyes better road connection with Eritrea as relations improve – 10 September

  • reports on the measures taken by Eritrea and Ethiopia to restore transport infrastructure between the two countries. The Ethiopian Roads Authority revealed its plan to renovate the disused roadway that connects Ethiopia with Eritrea and reopen the long-abandoned lane to travellers.
  • The previously constructed road networks connecting the two countries were kept vacant for more than two decades following the armed standoff and need renovation.
  • A decision to construct a pipeline linking Addis Ababa and Eritrea’s Assab port has also been unveiled by Ethiopia and the United Arab Emirates.
  • The pipeline would allow landlocked Ethiopia to export crude oil via the Eritrean port. Ethiopia started test extraction from its Somali Regional State in June.
  • In addition to political and economic relations, Ethiopia and Eritrea are also taking steps to strengthen cultural and people-to-people links.

Eritrea Hub: Eritreans trapped in Libya – join the London call for action – 9 September

  • Eritrea Hub reports on the situations of desperate refugees and migrants blocked in Libya as a state of emergency continues in Tripoli.
  • As there has been growing concern about the fate of refugees trapped in Libya, a protest seeking the evacuation of Eritreans in Libya is to take place in front of Europe House in London on Friday, 14th September at 3:00 pm.
  • Since fighting erupted on August 26th between rival armed militias vying for control of Tripoli, many of the estimated 8,000 refugees and migrants in official detention centres have been “released”, moved to different locations, or have escaped and are now sleeping on the streets.
  • Many were never registered by the UN – despite taking steps to do so – and detention centre managers say they have no lists of who exactly was in their centres. This means it is impossible to know the number that have already disappeared.
  • Calls from refugees and migrants in Libyan detention centres who have managed to hide their phones tell of serious lack of help, including to children or pregnant women, and of the desperate need for food.

UN News: Horn of Africa: UN chief welcomes Djibouti agreement between Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia – 8 September

  • UN News reports on the reaction of Antonio Guterres, the United Nations Secretary-General, to the normalization of links between Eritrea and Djibouti. Guterres has expressed the body’s readiness to help consolidate recent peace and diplomatic gains in the Horn of Africa region.
  • Guterres has welcomed Thursday’s meeting in Djibouti between the foreign ministers of Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia and the Djiboutian head of diplomacy.
  • Through his spokesman, Antonio Guterres stressed that “the agreement reached among the four Ministers to work together to restore peace and stability in the region is a positive example for the Horn and beyond.” Eritrea In The News – Important new exhibition open to see in London during September. – 8 September

  • published an article on the opening of the Eritrea in the News photo exhibition.
  • As the Vice Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Eritrea, Lord Alton of Liverpool delivered a speech to open the photo exhibition. He was introduced by Habte Hagos, Chairman of Eritrea Focus.
  • Lord Alton’s website gives an account of his speeches and commitment to Eritrean causes, and includes the full text of his speech.


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