PRWEb: Cameron + Company to Partner with the Museum of the African Diaspora on Series of Art Books – 22 October

  • PRWeb reports on the partnership between Cameron + Company, a San Francisco–founded publisher, with the Museum of the African Diaspora (MoAD) on a series of art books which shows the works of Eritrean-American artist Ficre Ghebreyesus.
  • The first publication set includes an essay by Ghebreyesus’s wife, Elizabeth Alexander, a world-renowned poet and president of the Mellon Foundation. She wrote a best-selling memoir, The Light of the World, about Ghebreyesus after his death.
  • The new partnership between Cameron + Company and the MoAD illustrates the alliance of a celebration of Black cultures with a publishing company dedicated to connecting people through their shared African heritage.
  • Linda Harrison, MoAD CEO-Director, spoke in high terms of “Ghebreyesus’s life and work [which] speak so deeply about African diasporic experiences in our very recent past to today.” Russian Envoy Visits Eritrea Seeking Tighter Post-Sanctions Ties – 20 October

  • Bloomberg reports on talks held in Asmara on Friday between Mikhail Bogdanov, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister with Eritrean leaders.
  • The two parties discussed projects to expand trade between the two countries and talked about the recent normalisation of ties between Eritrea and its neighbours in the Horn of Africa.
  • The talks also raised the prospect of the lifting of UN sanctions imposed on Eritrea in 2009. The Security Council is set to review the sanctions in November.
  • Variations of this story are also reported in other media outlets such as Urdu Point and TASS. Trade, migration bring life to Ethiopia-Eritrea border – 20 October

  • Africanews reports on the dramatic reopening of the Ethiopian border after the signature of the peace agreement with Eritrea.
  • The opening up of Ethiopia’s border has enabled the restoration of trade and shops, stalls, bazaars and small restaurants are now open and selling their goods.
  • The exchange between the currencies of the two countries is unstable, creating a major problem for traders who are at risk of seeing the emergence of a “shadow currency war” because the exchange rate is based on speculations.
  • An significant influx of Eritrean refugees fleeing to Ethiopia has also emerged as a consequence of the recent border opening.

United Nations Population Fund: UNFPA strengthening partnerships in Eritrea to sustain development gains – 20 October

  • The UNPFA – a UN organisation focused on maternal health, publishes a report highlighting the significant improvements made by Eritrea in the maternal and neonatal fields.
  • Mr. Dereje, the Minister of Health, and Amina Nur Hussein, a UN humanitarian coordinator, visited health facilities to see the improvements made by the country in maternal and neonatal health. The work pertains to the Strategic Partnership Cooperation Framework (SPCF) which encapsulates the agreement between the Government of Eritrea and the United Nations to deliver “as one for Sustainable Goal Developments” between 2017 and 2021.
  • Mr Dereje said that the One UN Initiative is all the more relevant today in the efforts to achieve the goals of the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development.
  • Mr Dereje said that the UNFPA is to step up its support to help the achieve transformative results in “ending preventable maternal death, ending unmet need for family planning, and ending gender-based violence and harmful cultural practices against women and girls.”


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