Dear supporters and friends,

We are pleased to inform everyone that the House of Lords’ event scheduled for 18 June entitled ‘Eritrea building bridges for a sustainable future’ which was to be hosted by Baroness Oona King and believed to be organised by Solicitors’ Human Rights Group (SIHRG) has now been cancelled.

We would like to thank our parliamentarian friends, particularly Baroness Kinnock, who helped with the cancellation of this event. We do not believe that Baroness Oona King was fully aware of the implications of the meeting. Baroness Oona King has no involvement with SIHRG or the mining company Nevsun Resources of Canada.

Last week’s UN Commission of Inquiry report has had a devastating impact on Nevsun Resources’s share price. The shares tumbled during the week closing on Friday in the New York Stork Exchange at almost half of their 2011 peak.

Recently, an Eritrean torture survivor’s sketches appeared in the Huffington Post (click here to see the sketches). These horrific sketches demonstrate the atrocious abuses that many Eritreans have to endure daily and why thousands flee the country monthly. Together we can stop the torture that is taking place in Eritrea and also stop those who are determined to dismiss the pain of our Eritrean brothers and sisters.

In other news, the UN special rapporteur for human rights abuses in Eritrea, Sheila Keetharu will be speaking about the recent UN report on Al Jazeera tonight at 19:30 GMT. Please watch here and tweet about it!

Eritrea Focus is a Think Tank & Research organisation working with multiple non-governmental organisations to advance the democratisation of Eritrea.


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