In the last seven months time has passed, the border has been opened – although sometimes it is closed.
Ethiopia has access to Eritrea’s ports. But the future relationship between the two countries is as cloudy and unclear as ever.
Will an Ethiopian navy operate out of Massawa or Assab? And if so under whose control?
Isaias Abiy sea.jpg large
But time does not stand still. Some Ethiopians have taken advantage of the uncertainty and have been producing maps showing Eritrea re-incorporated into Ethiopia.
On 2nd February Prime Minister Abiy went further. Speaking about Eritrea he said: “Far from Ethiopia breaking up, even those ones that have been separated will be returned. It is only a matter of time. We’re only going to get bigger and stronger. I have no doubt about that.”
Eritreans – naturally worried about their status – are demanding their basic rights.
One Nation Eritrea
“We are One Nation
These are our priorities for Eritrea:
1. Immediate release of all prisoners in Eritrea
2. End of national service slavery
3. Safeguarding ‘s sovereignty through swift border demarcation
4. Implementation of 1997 constitution”
Meanwhile, President Isaias says little of any substance. Eritreans are kept in the dark, and the President’s PFDJ supports are silent.
Which way should they jump on the question of sovereignty? We have no clue.



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