In a novel approach, the Special Rapporteur has given a series of benchmarks against which the Eritrean government can be judged in her latest report.

Full Report here: Human Rights In Eritrea UN Report

“In her report, the Special Rapporteur has made several recommendations for immediate action that the Government of Eritrea could take to build confidence in its stated commitment to promoting and protecting human rights.

These include the release of all categories of arbitrarily and unlawfully detained persons and the lifting of access and movement restrictions for international agencies operating or wishing to operate in the country.

The Special Rapporteur has also highlighted specific areas requiring broader consultations, technical cooperation, financial investment and capacity-building, including the following: reforming the national/military service, strengthening the rule of law, developing adequate labour guidelines and regulations for workers in both the public and the private sectors and developing a national plan to implement reforms for the promotion of women’s rights.

She urges the Government to begin work on tackling these issues.”



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