I am very pleased to say that the two Eritrean fighters I posted a story about earlier today have been identified!

Eritrea Fighters

This is what I have been told.

“The person on the left was nicknamed ‘Chuchu’ and the one on the right was Goitom – nicknamed ‘Keshi Mussie’. They were both members of the EPLF, tegadelti. They were in the Protocol Department. Goitom was later assigned to the embassy in Kenya and he died some years ago. Chuchu is in Germany.”

I cannot be sure, but  I think I met Goitom when I visited the field during the 1980’s.





  1. I met both of them in Amberbeb or Ararib (Sudan) in 1989, when Asmerom Gerezgiher was the head of Protoco. I believe ‘Chuchu’ was married to the lare ambassador Girma Asmerom – RIP.


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