Ethiopians KenyaOn 10 March, Ethiopian security forces conducted an operation in Moyale, Ethiopia, during which civilians were targeted. 13 people were killed, 20 people were injured, and 16 were reported missing (ECHO 15/03/2018).

According to the Ethiopian government, the military erroneously conducted the attack due to false intelligence about the presence of members of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), a militant opposition group, in the area (Voice of America 12/03/2018).

Reportedly, soldiers involved in the incident have been disarmed and a government delegation is investigating the attacks (UNHCR 19/03/2018).

According to local residents, victims were from different ethnic groups (Voice of America 12/03/2018).

Residents described that the military conducted house searches, and that people were shot at and killed indiscriminately, including at the market and in mosques (Voice of America 12/03/2018, Nation 14/03/2018).

Following security operations in Moyale, Ethiopia, some 10,000 people have been displaced to Moyale in Marsabit county, Kenya.

The displaced population is currently staying in makeshift camps around Moyale. 80% of the displaced people are women and children, including 600 pregnant women and 1,500 children under five. Multisectoral assistance is urgently needed.

Source: APACS

Full report: Ethiopians flee to Kenya

Further information: UNHCR



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