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Africa’s most authoritarian school

“It’s just slavery. You toil day and night and you get nothing,” Source: Mail & Guardian Simon Allison 16 Aug 2019 00:00 Systemic abuse: The...

Human Rights Watch full report on Sawa and National Service

“They Are Making Us into Slaves, Not Educating Us” How Indefinite Conscription Restricts Young People’s Rights: Access to Education in Eritrea Human Rights Watch Report here:...

BBC: Testimonies from SAWA conscripts – what indefinite National Service...

  First hand testimonies from young Eritreans. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUsxB6o4rOU&feature=youtu.be

Why did President Isaias flaunt his military hardware?

Source: Asmarino and BBC Eritrea: The Sawa Parade What is the meaning of Eritrea’s decision to stage a major military parade at this precise moment?  A...

Eritrea: Round-ups increase as youths refuse to go to national service

Source: BBC Tigrinya Service A new wave of round-ups of youth, so called 'Giffas', is under way in Eritrea. The round-ups are organised to take...

Eritrea accused of using child soldiers

"Most students report to Sawa when they are between the ages of sixteen and seventeen, which means by the time they arrive in Sawa...
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