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Libya: Refugee protests erupt against UNHCR

Today refugees in UNHCR Libya's Gathering & Departure Facility (GDF) held a demonstration.

The 127,284 failures of the Eritrea – Ethiopia peace process

It is hard to be optimistic about relations between Eritrea and Ethiopia. What progress is there to see?

European Union research group’s important advice on Eritrean refugees

This research - provided by the European Asylum Support Office - forms the background for EU countries, when drawing up policy...

Norway: Government to review asylum status of Eritreans who celebrate conscription

The Norwegian government has announced that it will re-consider the asylum status of Eritreans who participated in celebrations of the National Service system of...

I asked young Eritreans why they risk migration. This is what...

Source: the Conversation July 22, 2019 3.31pm BST Author Milena Belloni Post-doctoral researcher, University of Trento Disclosure statement     An Eritrean migrant leaves a detention facility...

How to solve the Libya question: send refugees to Rwanda

Source: New Humanitarian (formerly IRIN News) EU-Rwanda plan: Another short-sighted answer to Libya migration crisis ‘The new plan comes with a serious political price.’ ...

EXCLUSIVE: UN probe finds Sudan staff member solicited bribes from refugees

"Dozens of refugees interviewed by TNH in those countries said when they witnessed corruption they were frightened to speak out, for fear of retaliation....

Halfway round the world by plane: Africa’s new migration route

Source: Deutche Welle Migrants using traditional routes from Africa to Europe often fail to reach their destinations. Smugglers now offer new options, such as taking...

UN confirms Egypt is holding five Eritrean refugees

Teklemariam Bekit Source: BBC Tigrinya The office of the UN's refugee agency (UNHCR) in Egypt has confirmed that authorities there are still holding five Eritrean refugees...

The UN refugee agency “called Egyptian police rather than hear grievances”

This is not the first such demonstration. Eritreans have been calling on the UNHCR to act for years. HOW UNHCR EGYPT'S PROTECTION OFFICER CALLED RIOT...
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