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The Eritrean diaspora speaks – ENOUGH!


Eritrea’s ‘ice bucket’ bid to oust Isaias Afwerki

Source: BBC Teklemariam Bekit BBC Tigrinya, Nairobi Thousands of Eritreans are waging a social media campaign - modelled in part along the lines of the viral...

Eritrea’s #Enough movement concludes its meetings

Source: Gedab News After a long period of clustered preparation in many US cities, the Eritreans activists’ campaign culminated in a large meeting in...

Celebrating independence by protest: Yiakl Eritrea around the world

It's hard to keep up! So many protests - from Stockholm via Washington to Australia, with this wonderful message. Photos below. https://twitter.com/ReclaimEritrea/status/1132099900374769664  

Images of an Impending Revolution: Eritrea’s Enough! Movement – Yiakl

Some images are so strong, they need little explanation. Here are a small selection from Eritrea's emerging Yiakl - Enough! Movement. It's across the USA, it's...

Sudan: Dress Rehearsal for Change in Eritrea

Source: Awate Team The Horn of Africa is still in turmoil and the earth is moving under the feet of the incompetent regimes of...

Eritreans are rising up to claim power to the people: the...

By Petros Tesfagiorgis When Peace was signed between Ethiopia and Eritrea it was expected that all prisoners of conscience will be released, the regime will...

Thousands of Eritreans Join the Campaign – ‘Enough!’ : Eritrean Spring?

Source: Eritrea Watch March 7 · Public In a pattern never seen before – Eritrean Diaspora around the world launched an ongoing Campaign themed “Enough!”, “NO...
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