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Ethiopia and Eritrea’s peace must be rooted in past

Historical grievances between the two societies are a major barrier to a healthy relationship between Ethiopia and Eritrea Source: Ethiopia Insight August 7, 2019 by Samuel Fikreselassie...

Two Eritrean fighters – identified!

I am very pleased to say that the two Eritrean fighters I posted a story about earlier today have been identified! This is what I...

Eritrean fighters – two photos of those who fought for freedom

I have just bought two photographs which show the men and women who fought for Eritrea's freedom. Over thirty years they took on the...

Afabet, 1988. Who can forget?

This moving photograph sums up the immense suffering and endurance of the Eritrean people during their long fight for independence. The town of Afabet, on...

The Polemics and Politics of Ethiopia’ s Disintegration

Source: Insamer Social Research Center December 31, 2018 This interesting paper looks at the pressures toward fragmentation and secession in Ethiopia. In the end it concludes...

How many attempts have there been to challenge Isaias Afwerki?

The attack on General Sebhat Efrem is only the latest attempt to end the Eritrean dictatorship. There have been several attempts to oust President...

The smouldering resentment between Eritrea and Tigray explained

Eritrea and Ethiopia have now, finally, made peace. There is no such resolution between the ruling parties on both sides of the border. The Eritrean...

The purge of 1973: origins of the EPLF

This historic interview was undertaken with Haile Menkerios, the most senior Eritrean at the UN - Under Secretary-General of the United Nations. It concerns...

Let’s remember the first EPLF women fighters

This informative article supplements the information in the previous post. Aida Kidane, 02 March 2005 March 8 is celebrated in Eritrea as International Women's Day as well. Women...

How women were mobilised in Eritrea’s liberation struggle

This is a most interesting and useful paper by Worku Zerai. Eritrean women and liberation My only criticism: I could find no reference to one key promise...
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