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Human Rights Watch full report on Sawa and National Service

“They Are Making Us into Slaves, Not Educating Us” How Indefinite Conscription Restricts Young People’s Rights: Access to Education in Eritrea Human Rights Watch Report here:...

BBC: Testimonies from SAWA conscripts – what indefinite National Service...

  First hand testimonies from young Eritreans. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUsxB6o4rOU&feature=youtu.be

Eritrea’s Capital Is Lovely. But Scratch the Surface and You’ll Find...

Source: Haaretz "To break into the expected circle of silence, I’d been in contact earlier with representatives of the Eritrean underground – a network of...

Eritrea: Round-ups increase as youths refuse to go to national service

Source: BBC Tigrinya Service A new wave of round-ups of youth, so called 'Giffas', is under way in Eritrea. The round-ups are organised to take...

Eritrea should permit access to United Nations Special Rapporteur – Human...

There has been little evidence that oppression in Eritrea has subsided, other than that Eritreans now find it easier to leave the country. Tens...

Eritrean government suggests smaller army, reform to conscription

Eritrea May Alter Army Draft That Forced Thousands to Europe By Nizar Manek Source: Bloomberg, 3 September 2018 End of war-footing may lead to reform in national service Program...

Eritrea “has slashed conscription.” Or has it?

The article below, published in the Conversation, suggests that Eritrea has 'slashed' its conscription. But is this true? I can find no authoritative statement...

Eritrea-Ethiopia Peace Deal Offers Hope for Reform – Human Rights Watch

Eritrea Should Halt Indefinite Conscription Maria Burnett Director, East Africa and the Horn@MariaHRWAfrica Eritrea and Ethiopia resumed diplomatic and commercial ties after a 20-year-stand off last...
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