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Ethiopia: can the centre hold? An important contribution by Rene Lefort...

"Ethiopia’s political challenges probably cannot actually be solved through even truly free elections — and especially not polls held next year — as the...

Abiy Ahmed’s Reforms Have Unleashed Forces He Can No Longer Control

Ethiopia’s prime minister oversaw the chaotic release of thousands of prisoners, including many ethnonationalist militants. His amnesty may now be coming back to haunt...

Abiy must weave together multiple plot lines

Source: Ethiopia Insight Published in partnership with The Africa Report Beneath the latest neat international narrative of a democratizing Ethiopia lies a ruthless struggle among competing...

Ethiopia: Oromos must seize historic opportunity and avoid civil war

Now that oppression has finally ended, all Oromo political leaders need to set aside their grudges and work together to build on a genuinely...

The OLF is dead, but its Oromo struggle lives

Source: Ethiopia Insight January 19, 2019 by Abdurazak Kedir Abdu Daud Ibsa’s militia is not the Oromo Liberation Front. While the OLF has disintegrated, what it stands for...

Dr Abiy Ahmed: a biography

Source: AllaboutEthio Abiy Ahmed Biography: The Full Account of His Amazing Life Story Posted on July 18, 2018 at 05:03 AM Abiy Ahmed: Background, History, and...

Abune Makarios – President Isaias must consult the Eritrean people

Abune Makarios, Bishop general in the Orthodox Coptic Church, welcomed reconcilliation between Ethiopia and Eritrea. "We thank God for Dr Abiy Ahmed - he is...

Ethiopia’s stark choices: negotiated compromise or total breakdown

Mob killings split Ethiopians as political fault lines test Abiy’s big tent Source: Ethiopia insight September 26, 2018 Fatal attacks in Addis Ababa area represent only the...

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister in his own words

Abiy Ahmed. Full translation of first press conference. September 7, 2018 by Negash Haile.  Source: Ethiopia Insight (Editor’s note: This transcript from Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s Aug. 25...

Will ethnic violence derail Ethiopia’s reforms?

Displaced people wait for water in West Guji, Ethi­o­pia, in early August. More than a million Ethiopians have been driven from their homes this...
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