A new report from several NGOs, based in part on 67 testimonies from Eritrean migrants, is calling for a change in the approach of EU migration policy with Eritrea. The study shows how Eritrean refugees are forced to risk their lives while fleeing the country and how the military service itself is seen as a tool of coercion by the Eritrean regime. As testified by one man: “I was put in indefinite military service and my family were starving to death as a result.” A large part of the research refers to the Khartoum process, arguing that the Khartoum Process partnership model is asymmetrical and largely driven by European interests and demands. As stated by Dr. Lutz Oette: “it focuses too much on states and not enough on people” and “it fails to address the root causes and political drivers of undocumented migration”.

Tackling the Root Causes of Human Trafficking and Smuggling from Eritrea   


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