President Isaias Afwerki has announced that an Eritrean delegation will be sent to Ethiopia.
Changes in Ethiopia, that had come as a result of a popular struggle, had resulted in what President Isaias termed  “game over” for the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, previously the dominant organisation within the Ethiopian ruling alliance.
His decision came after Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed declared that his country now fully accepted the peace agreement that ended the border war between the two countries that ended in 2000.
President Isaias said his decision reflected the reality of the situation.
He prefaced his remarks with an outline of international developments since the fall of the Soviet Union.
This had resulted in what President Isaias suggested was the American dominance of the world system and resulted in global policy errors, costing the US trillions of dollars.
This had led in the election of President Trump, whose efforts had been ridiculed, but – President Isaias suggested – it was too early to judge his policies.

The president said that the Americans – who had previously been strong supporters of the Ethiopian government – appeared to have now seen the folly of their ways.

The United States is now moving in the right direction and Eritrea and its allies can now guide them towards a better path.
The president gave no indication of when the Eritrean delegation would leave for Addis Ababa, or what its mandate would be.



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