In a stinging attack on President Isaias Afwerki, Eritrea’s most eminent legal expert has accused the president of handing the country to Ethiopia.

Professor Bereket attacks the president for refusing to officially demarcate the border between the two countries, thereby undermining Eritrea’s sovereignty.


Professor Bereket is the author of Eritrea’s Constitution. He has also served as senior advisor on constitutional reform in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nigeria, and Iraq, among others.



  1. Unfortunately, this is the reality, nobody can hold the DiA to account..after imprisoning hundreds of thousands of Eritrean for decades without due process..

  2. With all due respect, I disagree with Prof. Bereket, Isaias didn’t create Eritrea. His role was minimum. He just had clandestine groups who promoted him to be seen as one taking credit for everything in EPLF.

  3. What a shame Professor Bereket! A year ago, you and your few cronies were advocating vigorously for Ethiopia and Eritreans to get together and make peace. What a turn around?
    Is this because you were not included in the process? Issayiyas and Dr. Abiy completed the peace deal without you and your cronies?
    The Ethiopian and Eritrean people are inseparable. We have a long history. As a professor, you should have read your history so that you know who were your true ancestors. Eritrea was not created after the Italian colonization. It was the original child (first born child) of Ethiopia. I think what made you even mad about the peace with Ethiopia is Isayisyas’s visist to Gonder. It shows how much you hate the “AMHARA”. Old timer! your time is over. Leave this to the younger generation. Prey for your sins, let the people live in peace.

    • We know our History. We are Eritrea. Isaias is not one of us. Also those who follow him. To remind you of recent history it was Isaias who labeled Ethiopia a threat to Eritreas sovereignty. And by saying the Eritrean people are one with Ethiopians other than in regional political terms means mockery against the Eritrean martyrs who died believing Eritreans are completely different from the Ethiopian people ethnically, historically, and politically. And for your info I know you are Ethiopian because your name says it all. next try an Eritrean name like Isaias your teacher did…

  4. It is accurate 100%. Isayas is the messenger of Haileselase the emperor if ethiopia…he joined to EPLF hoping to return Eritrea to federate with Ethio…
    he is completley deserted and compromised the sovereignity of eritrea ….
    killer and lier issayas .

  5. I think the main thing at this time is peace and trust. So to build peace and trust we need patience then it is easy to demarcate the border with understanding and friendly manner. In my opinion both leaders are in a very good position to make a lasting peace.

  6. The Somali people will never give an inch of Somalia to anyone let alone Ethiopia.

    President Farmaajo does not represent the true Somali people who defended their land. The Hawiye people of Somalia will continue to defend their land. We have all realised Al shabab was a Ethiopian/arab conspiracy to destroy Somali society but we refused.

    The first word a Somali child speaks is “Somaliweyn”. And Somaliweyn includes half of Ethiopia.

    Afwerki must not fall to the lies of Farmaajo who will eventually be locked out of mogadishu for treason. He has let down the Somali people and we will never trust the likes of him again.

    Somalia ha noolaato

  7. With all due respect i can not accept his narrative as he has recurrently failed to show his clear stand on the issue of eritrea and ethiopia relations.

  8. “We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power.”

    And that is the only rationale of Shaebia’s. If Professor Bereket does not understand this, maybe he should turn from the Law to political science. I am sure he would quickly understand what is going on much better than I could hope to.

    Besides, the thought that a border of itself defines a nation is Shaebia’s idea. (The people define the nation, and their freedom and wealth should be the first question. We know from experience that Shaebia is worse for both than even an outright invasion could be.)
    A recent article on this very website explained how Eritrea, not Ethiopia, was the one who profited from economic collaboration in the past. As long as it used Ethiopian currency, the economy worked better than with the Naqfa. When Professor Bereket was writing the constitution, borders were largely open. The problem is not that anybody opens borders (as Mr Salvini holds, to the distress of Eritreans). The problem is that nobody is opening the prisons. It is the sealing of the border that allowed the installation of totalitarianism in Eritrea. Curious enough, then, for a democratic intellectual, to condemn its reopening. For my part, I hope that the open border will be a part of the totalitarian system’s dissolution until a stake in Eritrea is handed back to its own people. Opening the ports of Assab and Massawa could be a first step to creating employment in Eritrea and thus end the indefinite National Service.

    Of course, there is a danger that ordinary Eritreans will not have a stake in their country’s assets, and that those will be used to enrich government by corrupt collaboration with international economic actors. I just do not see why this should be the automatic result of coming back to regional integration, which had been one of the pillars of the 1991/3 development program for independent Eritrea.


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