By Giulia Tranchina, human rights lawyer specialising in immigration and asylum

Tragic plea for help from another detention centre in Tripoli, Alfurgha Sebha, managed by the Libyan police

204 Eritrean refugees are being refused any food and water from 8 days.

They are starving to death. Most of them were registered by UNHCR in January 2018, previously detained in , moved to this centre 3 months ago.

They last saw IOM and UNHCR before the war started, in August. Nobody went to see them since then.

They were being given vey little food until 8 days ago but they dont know who was bringing it.

The police seized all the phones, they only have one which was hidden.

They cannot talk or text easily and they are being given dirty water.

They are sick and starving.

We need to act immediately to ask all organisations to please intervene to save them!”


  1. This is horrible. The world need to support those people. UNHCR please do something we believe if you want you can and you will see the result because those people are the future of change. Please don’t forget humanity.

  2. No one deserves this barbaric treatment, this kind of treatment is purely for the pleasure of sadistic captors. My heart and home are open to helping these people gain their freedom and I beg whoever has the authority to help these people to show compassion. If I can do anything further to help please email me.


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