Source: NOS

A large majority in the Lower House wants the embassy of Eritrea to close in The Hague.

The reason is that the Eritrean government forces Eritreans in the Netherlands to pay taxes.

The Netherlands has already protested against this several times, but Eritrea does not care about it.

This is also evident in a broadcast of the VPRO radio program Argos, which will be broadcast on NPO Radio 1 on Saturday.

The website already includes a secret conversation between the head of the embassy and an Eritrean asylum seeker, who needs a document and is pressured.

Eritrea is a dictatorship.

The embassy chief says that the asylum seeker only receives the document if he expresses regret for his flight and thus accepts an even unknown punishment.

He must also promise to pay a large amount of arrears.

Minister Zijlstra of Foreign Affairs first wants to wait for the Argos broadcast before he makes a decision.

Closing is the most far-reaching measure that the Netherlands can take, he said.

If the information from Argos is correct, the embassy head will be expelled.


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