Demonstration against Israel’s deportation of Eritrean and Sudanese asylum seekers to Rwanda

On February 3rd, 12:00 we will protest in front of the embassy of Rwanda in Den Haag against Rwanda’s participation in human trafficking and the role in Israel’s mistreatment of African refugees. Demonstrations will be held in front of Rwandan embassies worldwide.
                Lange voorhout 2, 2514 ED, Den Haag,


Israel has announced that it will deport its entire asylum seeker population, around 35,000 persons, mostly from Eritrea and Sudan, to Rwanda and Uganda, under secret agreements, denied by both Rwanda and Uganda.

Those who refuse to be deported will be incarcerated indefinitely. The mass incarceration and deportation is scheduled to start in 20 days.

Since 2014, Israel has already, slowly and quietly, deported more than 4,000 asylum seekers to Rwanda and Uganda. In Rwanda, their papers are taken from them, they are taken into a house in Kigali for ~3 days, and subsequently forcefully smuggled into Uganda, illegally, left with no papers, status or protection. under surveillance, taken into specific hotels where human traffickers push them outside.

Left with no choice, looking for safety, they are bound to make the journey to Europe, through war-torn South-Sudan, Sudan and Libya. Many have lost their lives on the way, murdered by the militias in the Sahara or drown in the Mediterranean.


Many of those who survived the way are currently in the Netherlands. They will speak of the persecution in Israel, the trafficking in Rwanda and onwards.


We call Rwanda to avoid collaborating with Israel in this human trafficking deal!





Gilad Liberman, +31641586945,, Whatsapp +972-55-8858710

Daniel, a refugee from Eritrea who escaped to Israel, was regarded as “Infiltrator” in Israel for 5 years, and was denied  refugee status.  He was deported from Israel to Rwanda, left without documents, status or safe place to stay. He survived the journey and will attend the demonstration. He will be available for interview.


Additional Information:


Survivors testimonials in “Better a prison in Israel than dying on the way

UNHCR statements:

UNHCR concerned over Israel’s refugee relocation proposals

UNHCR appeals to Israel over forced relocations policy




Regarding the deportations to Rwanda:

Israel has declared it has an agreement with Rwanda to deport its entire asylum seeker population to Rwanda. 1 2


Rwanda (as well as Uganda) have already denied having such an agreement with Israel. 1 2


However, Israel has already deported at least 4,000 asylum seekers, from Eritrea and Sudan, to Rwanda and Uganda.


80 of the persons who were deported to Rwanda  in recent years, have been interviewed by the UNHCR in Rome. (This press release avoided mentioning Rwanda and Uganda specifically. However they were named specifically by the UNHCR’s representative in Israel, Walpurga Englbrecht, in a recent interview).


“The situation on arrival was different to what most had expected and with little further support provided beyond accommodation on the first night.” Their documents were taken from them and they were left paperless (as the Israeli government also admitted in court).


Most of the deportees left Israel after being threatened with indefinite imprisonment in the Holot detention center, in the southern desert (Negev) of Israel.


In preparation for the court case, Prof. Galia Sabar has been to Uganda to speak with the deportees to Rwanda (who are immediately smuggled into Uganda). She spoke with the Rwandan official who confiscated the deportees’ documents at the airport, and took them to the house/hotel, to which they are confined until being smuggled to Uganda.

The Hotline, an Israeli organization for refugees, also sent researchers to Uganda and reported additional evidence of this smuggling chain from Israel-Rwanda-Uganda-Out.

The IRRI, a Uganda-based organization, also interviewed deportees.

The BBC also interviewed asylum seekers in the Holot detention center and in Uganda, and found out from the UNHCR representative in Rwanda that “only seven have registered with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Rwanda, all of them Eritreans. This is because deportees are forced to be smuggled out of Rwanda after being confined in a house for 1-2 days.

More publications: 1 2 3 4 5


We have interviewed deportees in Uganda, and in the Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany. Below are links to videos of some of them, calling on their friends not to break and to stay in Israeli prisons, rather than believe the Israeli immigration lies and be deceived into the smuggling network.


Bahabolom (In English): Part 1 Part 2

Mulue (Tigrinya).

Zakimichael (Hebrew).

Israel’s channel 2 report (Hebrew)


A message from a deportee from Israel to Rwanda:

ሓበሬታ ሓምለ 2014 ካብ ሆሎት ብምድንጋር ካብ ዝተሰጎጉ ሓደ ካብ ሩዋንዳ ክትወጽእ ከለኻ ዝኾነ ቢዛ ይኹን ወረቀት ስለ ዘየብልካ ብእግርኻ ብለይቲ ትወጽእ ንብረት እንተኔሩካ ትጉሕፎ ምክንያቱ ኣብ ሩዋንዳ ክትነብር ኣይፍቀደካን ኣብ እስራኤል ዝሕበረካን ኣብ ሩዋንዳን ናይ ምድንጋር እዩ እቲ ዝሃብካ ርዋንዳ የሕድጉኻ እዮም ብድሕሪ ኡ ኣኪሉካ ንስኻን ዕድልካን ካብ ሩዋንዳ ክትወጽእ ዕድል እንተጌርካ ኣብጅባካ ዘሎ ኣሕዲጎም ይሰድኻ ገለ ድማ ወይ ይቀትልዎም ወይ ብ ኣራዊት ይጠፍ ኡ ወይ ሰልዶም ምስ ኣሕደግዎም ብ ኡ ኣቢሎም ኣእምሮ ኦም ስሒቶም ይጠፍ ኡ ኣብ ኡ ብሰላም እንተ ሓለፍካ ኣብ ጅባ ትሕደግ ካብ ጅባ ክትሓልፍ ንሰሜን ሱዳን እንኮላይ ሂወትካ ሸፋቱ ኣንጻር ሱዳ ምሳናኩን ብረት ሓዝ ብዙሕ መስቀላዊ ሕቶ ዳሕራይ ብከምዚ ኣበረኻትት ሱዳንን ጁባን ብዙሓ ሃለዋቶም ጠፊኡ ኣሕዋት ተጠንቀቑ ገንዘብኩም (ሂወትኩም)ከይትጠፍ ኡ ካብ ኣብ ሆለት ነበር


Notice, from those who deported from israel! While the israeli authorities told us that we can stay and live there with safety and all opportunities it is all opposite.first the documents which were given us by the israeli government are fake, once we arrive in Kampala, Rwanda, the Rwandan security took the documents we had and we left with no option ,The only thing that we can do is to leave Rwanda again ,And we forced to leave Rwanda in the night time and on foot that is because we hadn’t any document ,they left everything you have ,even it is if you are lucky enough,there are so many people who lost their life in the jungles of Rwanda and there are peoples who felt confused after they robbed them their many,Not only that if you able to leave Rwanda safely you will be faced these in juba or sudan,when you are transferring from juba to north sudan the milisha forced you to join them in their army,shortly I,m telling you be careful so many peoples are disappeared,between south and north Sudan, please it is better to stay in holot,don’t believe the lies of the israeli authority .All what the say about Rwanda is fake, I’m from those who were in holot in 2014.


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