The latest African Governance Report produced by the Mo Ibrahim Foundation has been released.

It doesn’t make happy reading for the Eritrean Government – and is even worse news for the Eritrean population.

On almost every index Eritrea is at the bottom of Africa’s performance.

On only one index does Eritrea move into positive territory: the Rule of Law.

But before anyone cheers, this is what the Report says: “In 2017, the highest scoring country in Rule of Law is Mauritius (93.3), followed by Ghana (90.6), South Africa (90.2), Botswana (89.1) and Cabo Verde (87.4). Eritrea receives the lowest score (14.9) while Libya (19.6), Somalia (20.6), South Sudan (23.2) and Equatorial Guinea (25.2) are also among the five lowest scoring countries.”

Even in the issue of the Promotion of Gender Equality, Eritrea is moving in the wrong direction: “…the paths of Mauritania (-20.4), Eritrea (-13.7) and Mali (-12.1) are the most worrying.”


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