By Giulia Tranchina, human rights lawyer specialising in immigration and asylum

25 October 2018

“Thanks to all our efforts and campaign, today UNHCR registered all the 300 Eritrean refugees in Qaser Bin Ghashir.

However, they dont have sufficient food or clothes and are suffering from cold and hunger.

Also thanks to all the public pressure, between yesterday and today UNHCR, IOM and MSF went to the Alfarghi Sebha centre in Tripoli, so the 204 Eritreans received some little food and blankets.

However, the Libyan police is threatening to move them away to a hidden prison if they ask again for food or help.

They are hungry, sick and scared.

We need to continue contacting UNHCR to ask them to evacuate these two groups of refugees most urgently.

Hundreds of human beings are suffering in horrific conditions, from years in Libya.

Please write to UNHCR, IOM and MSG here on facebook via messenger, on twitter and by email, and join us at the next protests!”


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