Ethiopia’s TPLF party vows to fight ‘undemocratic forces’

Source: Fana Broadcasting 13 June 2018

  1. Introduction

The TPLF Central Committee [Tigray People’s Liberation Front, member of the ruling coalition] has concluded its three-day extra-ordinary meeting held from 10-13 June.

The TPLF/EPRDF [Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front, ruling coalition] have managed to reach where we are today after attaining several victories during the 17-years armed struggle and the quarter of a century struggle for development, peace and democracy together with other sister organization. The success of our 43 years struggle was the result of our commitment and the clear revolutionary path we followed. It was also made possible because we have a committed organization, which led us successfully through the 43 years of struggle.

In the past 27 years in general and in the past 17 years of reform, we have managed to register fundamental reforms. The EPRDF has vigorously struggled to save our country, Ethiopia, from the scary disintegration, and transforming the country into a new chapter and managing to bring its reputation and respect to the international level.

During the struggle, it was made possible to build a system and create opportunities for our people to benefit equally in the economic, social and other development. For sure, our evolutionary democratic system has managed to save our country from failure, to establish a new democratic Ethiopia by affirming equality among the various tribes and above all the ongoing struggle is the only correct way to affirm our country’s renaissance.

However, in the past few years our development-oriented democracy, which was the sole miracle of our country’s renaissance, was in danger. More than anything else, the main cause for this was the indulging of the EPRDF leadership in the worst dependency syndrome, which the organization has admitted. However, in order to overcome the said situation, the organization had carried out the deep reform process but failed to register success as required.

Following these developments, the TPLF Central Committee [CC] has passed several resolutions regarding the EPRDF Executive Committee’s [EC] decision, the current situation in the country and our regional state [Tigray], and the future directions of our struggle.

  1. Resolutions


The TPLF CC after reviewing in depth the resolution passed by the EPRDF’s EC on 5 June, especially on the ways of resolving the Ethiopia-Eritrea dispute and the state-owned institutions, has passed the following resolutions:

The fundamental problem of the EPRDF’s EC was that it did not review the resolutions and evaluations made by the EPRDF Council in Megabit 2010 [March 2018] regarding the clear fundamental leadership deficit and its consequences. It also failed to review the ongoing deep reform process and its achievements. These were some of the fundamental deficits of the organization.

The other fundamental failure of the EPRDF EC was its rush to seek temporary solutions to the economic problems of our country. It failed to seek the advice of the nation at large, the government and local businessmen, in particular, and urge them to organize themselves and challenge the economic problems the country was facing.

The EPRDF since the end of the war has been exerting efforts to bring lasting peace in the Horn of Africa in general and between the two brotherly peoples of Ethiopia and Eritrea by accepting the [2000 Algiers agreement] resolution without any precondition, and seeking the thrust and support of the people, members of the organization and the international community for its implementation. However, for various reasons it was not possible to attain lasting peace in the past 18 years. Hence, the TPLF CC believes that the EPRDF decision to bring lasting peace was in tandem with the country’s policy and it was proper and timely.

However, regarding its implementation, the TPLF CC after discussing in depth, reiterated the need to put serious consideration on the issue. The Central Committee expressing its respect and admiration to the determination and sacrifice made by the people and militias living along the border with Eritrea to safeguard the sovereignty and constitution of the country in the past 20 years, urge the EPRDF and the federal government to give them all the necessary support.

The TPLF CC has accepted the EPRDF EC decision to privatise wholly or partially some state-owned institutions – EthioTelecom, Ethiopia Power, the Maritime and Logistics Corporation and Ethiopian Airlines and other institutions in order to resolve the current economic problems our country is facing. However, regarding its implementation, the TPLF CC has called for its careful implementation.

The TPLF CC said that the decision made by the EPRDF EC on lasting peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea and that of the privatisation of state-owned institutions was made without the consent of the [180] EPRDF Council members and sister organization, and was improper.

Making public the decision without the consent of the people of Ethiopia in general was another blunder.

The other issue which the TPLF CC discussed in depth was about the current situation in the country in general and in the regional state in particular and about the future plans for the country. The EPRDF and TPLF as political organization have been assessing the problems our development path and constitution has been facing in the past few years. However, we urge the EPRDF to evaluate those issues in depth.

  1. The TPLF CC in order to save our organization from danger urges the EPRDF to fully implement with strong discipline and accountability all the solutions it has tabled.
  1. The TPLF CC vows to continue with its struggle and commitment in the nationwide fight between democratic and dependant forces.
  1. The TPLF CC said since the current leadership allocation in the [country] is against the EPRDF principles and the structural governance, the Central Committee calls for reforms.
  1. The TPLF CC urges the EPRDF to give all the necessary recognition to our veteran leaders.
  1. The issues of identity and boundary, which were properly resolved in accordance with our country’s constitution, are cropping up and opposing the federal system of our country and people in a very disrespectful manner and using force to disrupt the prevailing peace of Tigray and the unity of its people. Therefore, the TPLF has resolved to fight together with the people of Tigray against undemocratic forces.
  1. The Tigray people and its leading organization, the TPLF, as always will adhere to the principles of revolutionary democracy.
  1. Understanding the problems our country is facing, the TPLF CC has resolved to work hard day and night to bring tangible and lasting changes.
  1. The TPLF CC expresses its admiration for the contribution the people of Tigray have exhibited to bring reforms within its leading organization, TPLF, and urges the people to continue with their struggle for reform. At this juncture, it expresses its readiness to work together with any forces that believe and promote peaceful and legal ideas. However, the TPLF has called the people of Tigray to struggle against those local and foreign forces who want to attack and weaken the TPLF and the people of Tigray.
  1. In order to evaluate the current situation, the TPLF CC has called for an urgent EPRDF EC and Council meeting.

Let’s fight to strengthen our constitution and constitutional system!

Everlasting respect and glory to our martyrs!

[Issued by] TPLF Central Committee,

Mekele, 6 Sene [13 June]



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