There has been much to celebrate since Abiy Ahmed was sworn in as Prime Minister on 2 April. He has reached out to his internal opposition, freeing political prisoners and lifting censorship. He has also offered an olive branch to Eritrea. But huge issues remain, including ethnic clashes.


Since 1 June  400,000  people have  been  newly displaced  on  both sides  of  the regional borders  of  Gedeo (SNNP region )  and  Guji  (Oromia region)  zones.

In  total,  some 700,000  people  have been  displaced  since a new  wave  of  violence  between the  Gedeo  and Guji  communities  started on  13  April.

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IDPs are staying in shelters in public buildings and spontaneous IDP sites. Host communities have a limited capacity to absorb the new arrivals, with high levels of food insecurity and acute malnutrition already affecting some of the local population. Needs identified include shelter/NFIs, food, WASH, and healthcare.

The Gedo-Guji conflict is one of major inter-ethnic challenges in Ethiopia.
This conflict has been characterised by the police force of Oromia Regional State suppressing the Gedeo protests against the use and allocations of pasturelands
and water resources, which changed under the policy to restructure the
Gedeo into the Southern Nation, Nationalities and Peoples Regional State and the Guji into the Oromia National Regional State.
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