On a visit to Mogadishu on Friday 16 June, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed revealed his vision for the whole of the Horn of Africa.

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Prime Minister Abiy said his vision included: “a common trade area where people, ideas, goods and products move freely across borders. Its a future where we work to enlarge opportunities for our people and work for economic security that gives our children and grandchildren great hope.”

“It is a future where we abolish trade barriers. It is a future where we will create a single market in our region. It is a future where we stimulate more products, more production, innovation and more private enterprise, both here in Mogadishu and in Addis Ababa.”

“The resources of our region and the talent and capacity of our people can provide abundance for all, as long as we are prepared to recognise what we have and renounce fully violence and lawlessness.”

“This vision of the region: a diversity of states, each developing all its culture, each solving its challenges according to its own way, but all us tied together with a shared purpose and a respect for one another.”

“I am here to tell you such a common project is quite possible. I am here to tell you we can weaken extremism and consolidate our partnership.”

“Finally, which I would like to emphasise, in my belief, we need to adopt and implement a border and joint strategy to promote regional stability in the Horn of Africa. While we  need to remain vigilant in our cultural and tourism effort, we will give equal attention to address the underlying  diverse of violence, extremism in the region; regional conflict, lack of trade and investment and poverty.”

Prime Minister Abi Ahmed was speaking at a joint press conference with Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, at the presidential palace in Mogadishu.


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