General Mesfin Amare, the head of Ethiopia’s Liaison Office for Eritrean Affairs, has informed Eritrean opposition parties based in Ethiopia that they must immediately end all political activities against the Eritrean government on its soil.

The General took this action as President Isaias Afwerki flew into Addis Ababa. At the same time the opposition parties were assured that they will not be handed over to Eritrea, and can remain in the country, if they stop all activity.

All opposition radio stations broadcasting from Ethiopia will be closed, and that their slots on state-owned television have been cancelled.

The decision can not have come as a surprise.

It would have been inconsistent for Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to preach reconciliation with Eritrea, and warmly receive its president, while allowing Eritrean opposition groups based in his country to ferment revolution in Eritrea.

One can only assume that President Isaias will have sent a similar message to Ethiopian opposition movements that have been based in his country.

But there is one key difference: Prime Minister Abiy has been unbanning opposition movements and embracing its leaders.

President Isaias has so far taken no equivalent step with his own opposition.





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