Is this a story about drought, or Ethiopia’s ongoing ethnic clashes – as the programme of Ethic Federalism introduced by the Tigray People’s Liberation Front in 1991  – unravels?

This graphic, drawn from the official report by the  Government of Ethiopia, UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, shows how sever the clashes have been.

Ethiopia conflict

Some of the ‘hotspots’ on the border of Eritrea are refugees from that country. But the report identifies 584,000 internally displaced people.

The website  Reliefweb headlines the story: “$ 1.7 billion required as Ethiopia enters fourth year of exceptional drought emergency. The well-managed, government-led, lifesaving response will need to be sustained across southern and eastern parts of the country through much of 2018.”

There certainly is drought, as the graphic below indicates. The Somali region is particularly hard hit.

Ethiopia needs 2018


You can read the full report here: ethiopia_2018_humanitarian_and_disaster_resilience_plan_1




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