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Ethiopia: background of Brig. Gen Asaminew Tisge – allegedly behind coup plot


General Asaminew Tisge and General Tefera Mamo released from prison


General Tefera _ General Asaminew
General Tefera Mamo after he was released
Photo : Social Media

Source: Borkena
February 23,2018

General Asaminew Tisge and General Tefera Mamo are released yesterday after more than nine years in prison. They were released as part of ruling party’s pledge,back in December 2017, to release political prisoners due to relentless protest across the country.

General Tefera and General Asaminew were arrested in 2009 in connection with alleged plot to carry out coup de’ etat which was never proven in free and independent court.

Eight other high ranking military officers who were arrested with them were also released yesterday. Colonel Demisew Anteneh and Colonel Alemu Getnet were shot while under detention as they were protesting prison living conditions,according to Ethiopian Satellite Television report. However, prison authorities try to justify the action claiming that they were shot when they try to escape from prison.

The released prisoners got a warm reception from people in their respective localities in the capital Addis Ababa.

It was in the news for some time that TPLF investigators in the torturer chamber repeatedly threw ethnic slurs against General Asamminew and General Tefera Mamo. TPLF was later

There were critical voices in the defense after the regime in power rigged vote to reverse the outcome of the 2005 elections and more that 200 civilians were killed in Addis Ababa alone as they peacefully protest vote rigging.

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  1. What’s your point? The title was “the background of Brigedier general…. ” I didn’t find any clear information. I am very sad. Was this scribbled by isayas afeworki.


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