Summary: Intercommunal conflict in the Somali and Oromia border regions that escalated on 4 August has led to the internal displacement of more than 141,000 people. Shelter and health assistance are among the most urgent needs for the IDPs. The areas most affected by the conflict are Jijiga in Somali region and East Hararghe area in Oromia, where fatalities among the population were reported. With the exception of a reported influx of around 2,000 displaced people into Mekelle Town of Tigray region, there is no other information regarding the impact of the August events on Tigray.

Source: ACAPS

The current wave of fighting comes on top of previous conflicts which have now left 2.7 million displaced.

Ethiopia IDPs

Here is the full report.

Ethiopia Update

This is an outline of the latest fighting.

On 4 August, renewed clashes broke out along the Somali-Oromia border region, after state federal forces entered Jijiga city and clashed with Somali region’s paramilitary forces. (BBC 04/08/2018) Violence broke out in at least four towns in the Somali region, with armed actors attacking civilians and looting property. Mobs, aided by Somali’s regional forces, particularly targeted civilians who were perceived to be non-Somali. (Reuters 04/08/2018) During this particular outbreak of violence, 30 people were killed. On 11 and 12 August, violence spread to the East Hararghe district of Oromia region, where at least 40 people were killed by Liyu paramilitary forces who are loyal to Somali region’s former leader Abdi Mohammed Omer. On 28 August, at least 13 ethnic Somalis were reportedly killed in Babile, Tulli Guled and Chinaksen towns, also in East Hararghe. (Halbeeg 28/08/2018, Addis Standard 28/08/2018) 

See the full report for pervious displacements.

The violence has led to massive internal displacement. As of 17 August, 141,000 people were reportedly displaced across Oromia, Somali and Tigray regions and in need of urgent humanitarian assistance. (OCHA 17/08/2018) Displacement August 2018 
Number of IDPs  Location  Region 
55,000  Babile  Oromia 
35,450  Jigjiga,  Somali 
24,000  Gursum  Oromia 
23,000  Chinaksen  Somali 
2,000  Mekelle Town  Tigray 
480  Kabridahar  Somali 
450  Gode  Somali 
450  Degahbur  Somali 
300  Wader Towns  Somali 
280  Harar Town  Oromia 


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