The ruling party in Eritrea – the PFJD – has been advertising a meeting this weekend in London. It was to take place in the Camden town hall and to be addressed by the ambassador.

This has been cancelled by Camden, after complaints from the Eritrean diaspora and their supporters.

Eritrea Camden meeting


  1. Happy to hear this pfdj and supporters must be destroye by any ways because they r destroying our people ☹️ Good bless you Madame Myriam l admire you and salute your courage and thank you for what you do for the Eritrean people. THAnK YOU🎩

  2. Brilliant job
    The regime in Eritrea’s brutality is extending to Europe via asylum seeking few individuals; interpreters and officers in civilian dress.
    Help us protect the vulnerable.

  3. I am schoked to hear that, and it is very sud too, democtatic countrys like italy to host such diktatorial regims.


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