Note: This notice has been issued by the President’s Office. There is no explanation of why the decree is being ordered.

There are also reports that the Ethiopian authorities have apparently issued notices to Eritrean refugees to obtain Ethiopian ID cards. This, however, is not confirmed.

Eritrea Nationality Decree

The State of Eritrea
                       Office of the President [in Tigrinya  on the left and Arabic on the right]
                            IMPORTANT NOTICE
To all Eritrean Nationals: As a result of the peace situation between the governments of Eritrean and Ethiopian (joint agreement), all nationals who were given the provisional Eritrean Government (EPLF) ID cards, should handover their ID cards by 23 May 2019 to the Immigration and Nationality Office. You are strictly reminded to do this.
People who do not handover their ID cards by the date shown above will be held responsible.
                                           Victory to the masses
                                                 Rubber stamp
                                        Office of the President
[Notice is not dated]
C.C. Immigration and Nationality Office
         Ministry of Administration


  1. Don’t you want to check your sources before publishing false information.
    Who would publish a document filled with such painful spelling mistakes???


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