In just five days nearly 4,000 Eritreans were registered by the Ethiopian authorities after they crossed the border, seeking asylum.

To put these figures in context: the UNHCR has previously said that up to 5,000 Eritreans were crossing into Ethiopia monthly. If these numbers continue to flow out of Eritrea the figure could reach 20,000 a month.

The numbers of people who have been registered at official Ethiopian entry points for the period Friday 21st September until yesterday, Tuesday 25th, are as follows:

Friday 21st: 526

Saturday 22nd: 550

Sunday 23rd: 223

Monday 24th: 1839

Tuesday 25th: 575

Total: 3,713

This is just the number that have been registered: another 1,500 are waiting at the border to come to official reception centres.

The Ethiopian authorities, supported by the IOM and the UNHCR, are doing all they can to improve the facilities at the Endabaguna camp and other refugee camps in the area.






  1. The fleeing of Eritreans even to Ethiopia which has a Great risk as Ethiopians Relations with the Tyrant is high indicated that how much the Youth of Eritreans are desperate and hopeless and willing to take high risk. This is a proof that Eritreans fled their country fear of the Tyrant Not Economical.

  2. @Tommick
    Why lie? Eritreans fleeing to Ethiopia is on the rise every month due to both economical and political crisis. The future is dark for the youth in all aspects! That is why they are taking all kinds of risks under the sun. That is the truth!


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