Eritrean Demonstration the Hague, Women's Day


Eritrean women and friends and supporters of Eritrea marched from the centre of the Dutch capital, Den Hague to the International Criminal Court (ICC) to demand justice for on the International Women’s Day.

Outside the ICC they held a memorial meeting for all the victims of Eritrea’s ruling party, the PFDJ.

Eritrean Demonstration the Hague, Women's Day – Version 2Speaking in a range of Eritrean languages women spoke passionately about the plight of their relatives, held in Eritrea’s many secret jails.

Among them was the wife of Ermias Debesay – one of the longest-held prisoners, who is was among the earliest fighters to land in the country, at the start of the armed struggle in the 1960’s.

A former ambassador to China, Ermias has never been tried in open court.

Tsedal Yohaness paid tribute to her sister, and all other women prisoners, in an emotional tribute remembering her sister’s valiant fight for Eritrea’s independence

The gathering handed a letter to the ICC outlining the atrocities taking place in Eritrea Eritrea Hague Conference 1and demanding justice for all victims of the PFDJ and highlighting the  particular  ordeals of women.

The women came from across Europe, including Sweden, Norway, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland and the UK.

Just as importantly, they transcend political divisions of the past, also going beyond ethnicity and religion.

A two-day conference is under way, to explore the issues of human rights and the freedom Eritrea so desperately needs.

Eritrea Hague Conference 2





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