I have just bought two photographs which show the men and women who fought for Eritrea’s freedom. Over thirty years they took on the Ethiopian government (1961 – 1991) until the country was liberated. They were – without a doubt – people of extraordinary determination and courage.

Eritrean fighter 25 January 1975-page-001

On the rear of this photograph is this caption: “25 January 1975. Freedom fighters in the village of K….[left blank] about ten miles from Asmara. They leave [sic. surely ‘live’] with the population who supply them with food.”

Photograph by Micheal Laurent, Paris.

Eritrean woman fighter chatting with women in Ado Okut village in Barka

On the rear of this photograph – undated but around 1985. “Eritrea/Barka: EPLF woman fighter, chatting with the women of the village of Ado Okut in Barka.”

Photo by Frits N. Eisenloeffel, Amsderdam.










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