Source: Eritrean Afar National Congress

WE are Traditional Afar Elders of Eritrea. We have fled our beloved country, the territory of Dankalia, our homes, and properties due to violence and persecution including mass murder, torture, rape, disappearances,communal displacement, destruction of our culture and indigenous way of life.

Since the normalization of relations has started between Ethiopia-Eritrea there have been numerous attempts by agents of Eritrean regime to intimidate and influence leading Afar Elders decisions and coerce our exiled community to return without any guarantees to their lives, safety and security and restorations of their rights and properties in Eritrea.

WE CONDEMN these actions of intimidation and coercion by Eritrean government and call on all of our people to remain steadfast and united under these circumstances.
WE, THEREFORE, The Eritrean Afar people, the Traditional Afar Elders, including Afar refugees, women and youth assembled together in the City of Logya, Ethiopia declare to the World the solemn will of the Eritrean Afar Nation as follows:

1. The Eritrean Afar people must be compensated for the loss of lives, properties, their indigenous way of life and must be compensated for other crimes against humanity committed during the past 27 years in Eritrea.

2. The Eritrean Afar people must have the right to political autonomy in Dankalia within its traditional territories of the coast of Bori to Rahayta.

3. The Eritrean Afar people must have the right to own and control their lands, fisheries and natural resources including a percentage of payment on the use of the Port of ASSAB and other industrial infrastructureswithin its territories and must enjoy the profits therefrom under conditions established by law.

4. The Eritrean Afar refugees who have fled Eritrea shall have the right of return to their homes and properties in Eritrea under the supervision and the assistance of the United Nations, and must be compensated for the persecution and for all other losses that they may have suffered in Eritrea.

WE, by our names, signatures, and marks pledge our commitment and resolve to the above solemn principles and pledge to contribute to restorations of rights to all Eritreans and contribute to sustainable peace and inclusive economic prosperity and relations between regional governments.


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