It now appears to be confirmed that there was an attempt to kill General Sebhat Efrem, former minister of defence and current minister of mining.

This was reported on Eritrea Hub on December 20th. Since then others, including VOA have carried similar reports. Now Eritrea’s ambassador to Japan, Estifanos, tweeted this:


Today there is further information – which still to be confirmed.

The attempt on General Sebhat’s life may have been because he betrayed a group of lower ranking soldiers who had organised a coup. They had asked him to lead it.

He apparently agreed and then leaked the information to President Isaias, who started arresting them all.

Those that remained free concluded that Sebhat had leaked the information.

Apparently the soldier who fired at him in his home missed and then attacked him physically as his gun wouldn’t fire again. He used the gun butt – hitting the general on his head and face.

President Isaias has visited the general in AbuDhabi, where he was taken for treatment, but refused Sebhat’s  wife permission to accompany him out of the country.

This indicates the low level of trust.

General Sebhat is one of the few senior Eritreans from the EPLF’s war of independence to still be free and in a ministerial position.

Sebhat Efrem at EPLF Congress
Sebhat Efrem at the EPLF Second Congress, 1987, lower right. Most of his colleagues, including Petros Solomon, former head of intelligence and later Foreign Minister (front row left) was jailed indefinitely. So was General Berhane Gebreigziabher, head of the militia army (front row, centre).




  1. You are doing a fantastic job. Can you please update us on the status of some of the following recent exclusive news you shared? Your journalistic honor, ethnics and setting very high standards for others shall earn you exceptional noble prize one day. Reading you is a joy beyond entertainment.

    – Eritrea-Ethiopia confederation?
    – Resignation of ministers Alamin, Semere Russom, Arefayne Berhane and Co.?
    – Minister Berhane Abrehe’s coup attempt?
    – And one of my favorite old news: DEMHIT is now in Mekelle, so who’s now protecting President Afwerki?

    And many, many more earth-shaking rumors, I mean, NEWS.

    Also on your Coup d’etat . Did you forget Sebhat is no longer in the military and does not logically make sense to get involved in any coup? It’s kind of [eggs] on-your-face type analysis.

    Finally, try not to remove old news (and this comment) from you website so we can continue to enjoy them (your superb, world-class democratic principles). And keep up the struggle, you are a POWERFUL and amazing journalist.

  2. I don’t know what happened but was a better decision to arrest him and them and no more cheating for the people of our Country.
    he is one of the most secretly filmed general for the president and for his business. In Eritrea when all the top leaders of the country agreed to have freedom and democracy, no one could come to have it but since then no one interested about their people.
    therefore I couldn’t describe what will for the future coming. plz the people want peace of mind, freedom, free inland movement and limited military services………..

  3. it is a big truth that the shameful general is moving against eritreans instead of supporting freedom and democracy


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