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Eritrea responds to Ethiopia’s offer to mend fences


Eritrea reportedly said its relation with neighboring Ethiopia can be amended providing its long time foe honors international obligations by withdrawing from occupied territories.

“I call on the Eritrean government to take the same stand,” Ethiopia’s new Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said in his inaugural address at the national parliament on Monday.

Responding to Abiy, Eritrean Information Minister Yemane Genre Meskel on Monday told the BBC that relations can be mended but it largely depended on Ethiopia.

“The ball has stayed for too long in Ethiopia’s court. There is no dispute as the litigation process ended 16 years ago. Ethiopia needs to honour its treaty obligations and respect Eritrea’s sovereignty and territorial integrity by withdrawing from occupied territories – including Badme.”

Relations between the two neighbours remain tense following a disastrous and deadly war that led to the death of nearly 70,000 people on both sides.

After the war ended back 20 years ago, the Eritrea–Ethiopia Boundary Commission, a body founded by the UN, established that Badme, the disputed territory at the heart of the conflict, belongs to Eritrea

“We are fully committed to reconcile with our Eritrean brothers and sisters” Abiy said urging the Eritrean government to do its part by starting a dialogue that would help to re-establish peaceful relationship.


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