All Africa: Eritrea: Minister Osman Saleh Met and Held Talks With Russian Delegation – 28 February

  • All Africa republishes a press release from the Eritrean Ministry of Information on recent talks held in Asmara between Osman Saleh, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and a visiting delegation from Russia.
  • The Russian delegation was led by Sergey Bidonko, and meetings were attended by Eritrean President Advisor Yemane Gebreab and the Russian ambassador to Eritrea, Azim Yarakhmedov.
  • According to the press release, the two sides “discussed on [sic] the investment opportunity and cooperation prospects in manufacturing, energy, water infrastructure, health, pharmaceuticals as well as culture and sports.”
  • The visit was Bidonko’s second to Eritrea. While there, the Russian delegation will “visit development and tourism sites”, while a Russian youth football team will play a friendly match against an Eritrean team in Asmara.

All Africa: Eritrea: More Public Diplomatic Activities – 28 February

  • All Africa republishes a press release from the Eritrean Ministry of Information about cultural activities held by Eritreans in Germany and the US “depicting their attachment with their homeland”.
  • “According to reports, the nationals from various cities of Germany organized a seminar on 23 February in the city of Giessen under the theme “Constructive Engagement between the Peoples of Our Region”.”
  • Speaking at the event in Germany, Yohannes Weldu, Charge d’Affairs at the Eritrean Embassy in Germany, “said that the strong resilience and steadfastness of the Eritrean propels [sic] has been vital in the unfolding peace and cooperation between Eritrea and Ethiopia”.

All Africa: Eritrea: Workshop On Antimicrobial Resistance – 28 February

  • All Africa republishes a press release from the Eritrean Ministry of Information on a recent workshop held by the Ministry of Health in Asmara to discuss the National Action Plan on Antimicrobial Resistance.
  • Berhane Gebretensae, Director General of Health Services at the Ministry of Health, said that the plan was the result of “hard collaboration” between various ministries and partners, including the World Health Organization.

The New Times: Biniam outsprints Areruya to take Stage 5 as Kudus remains in yellow – PHOTOS – 01 March

  • The fifth stage of the Tour du Rwanda has been won by Eritrea’s Girmay Biniam Hailu, as riders from the country continue to dominate the race.
  • Eighteen year-old Biniam Girmay Hailu “underlined his sprinting credentials when he edged Joseph Areruya on the line to win” the stage, which finished in Mustanze on 28 February.
  • Biniam’s victory saw him awarded the Skol jersey and receive a cash bonus of US$1,400.
  • Eritrea’s Merhawi Kudus, racing for the Astana Pro Team, retains the overall race lead.

Eritrea Hub: A new book on post-independence Eritrea is now available online – 01 March

  • Eritrea Hub reports on the publication of a new book about post-independence Eritrea, entitled Postliberation Eritrea, and edited by Tekle Mariam Woldemikael.
  • Eritrea Hub publishes a short extract from the chapter “The Catch-22 of Resistance: Jokes and Political Imagination of Eritrean Conscripts”, written by David M Bozzini.
  • Bozzini writes: “State arbitrariness is interpreted in many different ways, but stress produces in conscripts the experience of insecurity and uncertainty. It is widely believed, for instance, that the government disseminates false rumors to destabilize the population and that other hidden agendas to promote terror are at play.”
  • “Conscripts’ attempts to understand uneven and arbitrary measures accordingly prioritize state officials’ agency and rational causality—the leadership’s carefully and well-designed evil plan—over blatant institutional shortcomings and systemic bureaucratic dysfunction.”
  • Bozzini relates two “characteristic examples” of the jokes shared about President Isaias, including a variation of the “clock in heaven” joke.


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