Eritrea Hub: In an Eritrea – Ethiopia common market, who wins? – 24 November

  • Eritrea Hub publishes the conclusion of an academic paper by Professor Worku Aberra of Dawson College, Westmount, Quebec, on the development of the Ethio-Eritrea Common Market between 1991 and 1998.
  • Prof Aberra argues that “the decision of the transitional government to enter into a preferential trade agreement with the EPLF that benefitted Eritrea… was a rational political decision that the TPLF leadership made to consolidate its grip on power in the early 1990s, but it resulted in a net economic loss for Ethiopia and a net economic gain for Eritrea.”
  • “[The] strategic alliance that the two fronts forged in the early 1990s… enabled the EPLF to acquire Ethiopia’s physical assets in Eritrea and to forego Eritrea’s share of Ethiopia’s national debt without any compensation or obligation to Ethiopia”, he writes.
  • Eritrea Hub invites readers to submit their own alternative conclusions on the Ethio-Eritrea Common Market. Eritrea wins 2018 Africa Cycling Cup, Ethiopia finishes third – 25 November

  • Ethiosports reports on the achievements of Eritrean cyclists, who dominated the 2018 Africa Cycling Cup competition held over the weekend.
  • Eritrean cyclists occupied the top six places of the Elite Men’s competition and the top three in the Under-23 Men’s competition, while also coming third in the Under-23 Women’s race.
  • Eritrea topped the overall standings, collecting 21 medals during the competition.

Eritrea Hub: Is Eritrea about to send troops to Somalia once more? – 26 November 2018

  • Eritrea Hub analyses the rumours of an agreement between Eritrea and Somalia to send Eritrean troops to fight in Somalia’s civil war in support of President Mohamed Abdullahi.
  • The deployment of Eritrean troops in Somalia would likely be used as a justification for President Afwerki’s government to maintain its policy of indefinite national conscription. It may also eliminate the risk of an insurrection from demobilised youth poised to challenge the government’s repressive policies.
  • In an interview with the UK’s Channel 4 News in 2009, President Afwerki defended Somalia’s militants, saying that as his country supported all Somalis it would be a “mistake” to limit this support to “one or two groups.”
  • In the past, Eritrean troops have been sent to fight in ‘forgotten wars’ in Sudan, Somalia, Congo, Djibouti and Yemen.


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