Arab Weekly: Eritrean migrant in Israel wins $278,000 on scratch ticket – 14 March

  • Arab Weekly reports that an Eritrean migrant in Israel has won 1 million shekels (278,000 US dollars) on a scratch card.
  • Michael Galilov, the owner of the south Tel Aviv kiosk where the winning tickets was sold, told the country’s Channel 12 news: “At that moment he was stunned. We all were stunned.”
  • Many African asylum seekers live in south Tel Aviv, usually in poor conditions. Last year, Israel shelved plans to deport some 40,000 African migrants. Israel has until now classified asylum seekers from Sudan and Eritrea as illegal immigrants.

TRT World: Why Somali migrants are fleeing the Horn of Africa – 14 March

  • Turkish international news channel TRT World reports on the situation of Somali citizens leaving the Horn of Africa.
  • The lack of real employment opportunities for young people has been identified as a major cause of youth migration, alongside political persecution in Ethiopia and Eritrea, poor economic conditions as well as unregulated and low quality education.
  • Earlier this month, 50 asylum seekers were injured after Libyan police used excessive force against migrants protesting against detention conditions in Libya. Protesters were said to be from Eritrea, Somalia, Ethiopia and Sudan.
  • Migrants who spoke to TRT World said that, apart from the problems of security and political persecution in the Horn of Africa, they undertook the journey to Europe to help their families back home financially.
  • TRT World writes that while many young people are “undertaking the dangerous journey to Europe in search of greener pastures, others from the diaspora have returned home, particularly to Somalia, mainly from Europe and the United States. The visibility of the returnees in the public and business sectors has been increasing every year.”

Africanews: Eritrea peace talks between Ethiopia govt – Afar, Gambella opposition parties – 15 March

  • Africanews reports that Eritrea is continuing its diplomatic activities with respect to Ethiopia and opposition movements, supporting the reconciliation agreements signed between Ethiopia and opposition from the Afar and Gambella regions on 14 March.
  • Eritrean Information Minister Yemane Meskel posted on Twitter: “The separate Reconciliation Agreements provide / spell out frameworks for both movements to pursue their political objectives through peaceful means.”
  • Aisha Mohammed, Ethiopia’s Defence Minister, and the Deputy President of the Afar Region signed the agreement with the Afar Liberation Movement.
  • The Gambella Agreements are the first of their kind to be signed this year. Other agreements were signed in 2018 following the Ethiopia-Eritrea peace deal agreed between by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki.

Eritrea Hub: Libya detention: an Eritrean refugee’s experience – 15 March

  • Eritrea Hub publishes details of an interview with an Eritrean refugee trapped in Libya, who says that he feels “abandoned by UNHCR, [and] threatened by Islamic extremists”.
  • The refugee, whose identity is withheld for fear of being placed in any further danger, explains that he fled from Eritrea in 2010 after being imprisoned for six months as a national service conscript. After six years in Sudan he went to Libya, where he paid a total of $12,000 in ransom and smuggling sums, of which $3,500 was paid to ISIS in Libya.
  • In May 2018, he was moved from Gharyan detention centre in Libya to Tariq al Matar. In this camp, he says, police guards shot at refugees, while Eritreans have been injured by fighting between militias. Disease is rampant in detention centres, and no proper medical care is available.
  • Detainees fear that they will be sold as slaves by detention centre guards, and feel pressured by the International Organisation for Migration to “return to their home country” as they have been warned that there might be war in Libya.

All Africa: Eritrea: Ambassador Estifanos Delivers Statement At Tokyo Peace Day – 15 March

  • All Africa republishes a press release from the Eritrean Ministry of Information on an address given by the Eritrean Ambassador to Japan at Tokyo Peace Day on 10 March.
  • Estifanos Afwerki compared the bombing of Tokyo on this day in 1945 with the “heinous acts of war crimes… committed against the Eritrean people by the successive colonial powers”. He said: “We are gathered here today to learn a lesson from the ugly faces of all those wars by immortalizing our memories and the memories of generations to come highlighting the meaning of and the sacrifice paid for peace”.


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