The Daily Mail: Thousands join Ethiopia-Eritrea peace run – 12 November

  • The Daily Mail reports on the 10-kilometre ‘reconciliation run’ held in Addis Ababa on Sunday 11 November, which saw thousands of Eritreans and Ethiopians take part in the first joint sporting event since the diplomatic rapprochement between the two countries in July.
  • Nega Belay, former coach of Eritrean Olympic medallist Zersenay Tadese and a representative of the Eritrean community in London, told AFP that he was in talks to stage a similar peace run in Asmara on January 1, 2019.
  • The event was also reported in The Daily Sabah, Africanews, and East Africa Monitor

Sudan Tribune: Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia welcome imminent lift of sanctions on Asmara – 10 November

  • The Sudan Tribune reports on the outcome of a tripartite meeting between Somalia, Eritrea and Ethiopia, at which the three leaders welcomed the expected lifting of sanctions imposed on Eritrea.
  • The UN Security Council will vote on Wednesday to lift the sanctions on Asmara.
  • The statement issued after the meeting, which took place from 9-10 November in Bahr Dar, Ethiopia, “further reaffirmed the shared commitment of the three countries to work for an inclusive regional peace and cooperation.”
  • Ethiopia and Eritrea pledged to respect the “sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence” of Somalia.
  • Africanews also reported on the meeting.

Voice of America: From the CAR to Eritrea, Russia’s African Ambitions Unfold – 10 November

  • Voice of America publishes an analysis on the growing Russian influence in Eritrea and its wider regional activities.
  • Kiril Avramov, a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Texas at Austin’s Intelligence Studies Project, explains that Russia offers help to war-weakened governments who welcome their help to reinforce their power.
  • Russia’s deals with several countries in Africa, including the Central African Republic, strengthen its presence on the continent and fuel its geopolitical rivalry with China, the article argues.
  • Avramov says that Moscow seeks trade opportunities in Eritrea, taking advantage of its current situation as a country dealing with the fallout of war. Plans have already been discussed by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and a high-level Eritrean delegation to build a logistics centre in the Port of Assab.

Eritrea Hub: Dana Rohrabacher, a pro-Russia Republican, narrowly loses House seat – 10 November

  • Eritrea Hub reports on former Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, a vocal supporter of President Afwerki who lost his seat in the recent mid-term elections.
  • In 2005, Rohrabacher argued for the State Department to take a more favourable view on Eritrea, and in 2017 he called for the lifting of UN sanctions.
  • In April 2018, Rohrabacher called for an improvement in relations with Eritrea and the resumption of military ties with the country in a letter to US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo.
  • Rohrabacher – also an outspoken supporter of President Putin – was narrowly defeated in the mid-term elections by Democrat Harley Rouda, a real estate executive.


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