World Health Organization: The Ministry of Health Eritrea launches the National Measles Rubella Vaccination and vitamin A supplementation campaign for children under 15 – 03 December

  • The World Health Organisation (WHO) has conducted a joint measles and rubella vaccination campaign with the Eritrean Ministry of Health and UNICEF, from 19-30 November 2018.
  • Mrs Amina Nurhussein, Eritrean Minister of Health, launched the campaign alongside Dr Pierre Ngom, UNICEF Representative for Eritrea, and Dr Josephine Namboze, WHO Representative for Eritrea, amongst others. Children attending the launch were given supplements in vitamin A.
  • Vaccination services will open in 298 permanent and 405 provisional outreach centres and schools, with the aim of vaccinating an estimated 1,500,000 children under 15. About 1,500 health workers will be involved in the campaign.
  • The campaign involves the distribution of vitamin A supplements to 500,000 children aged between six months and five years old.
  • The Minister of Health said that Eritrea’s success in immunization has been “globally recognized and repeatedly labeled as exceptional.”

News24: Envoy says US aiming for warmer ties with Eritrea – 02 December

  • US Assistant Secretary of State Tibor Nagy has said that the US wants better ties with Eritrea following the lifting of UN sanctions last month.
  • Ahead of a trip to Asmara, Nagy told reporters in Addis Ababa that the US “would like to have the same type of positive relations with Eritrea as we do with Ethiopia.”
  • News24 reports that Nagy suggested to Congress in September that the US would only support lifting sanctions if Asmara implemented reforms. As yet, no such reforms have been implemented, and Nagy said that the US “obviously continues to have some outstanding issues with Eritrea”.
  • Among Nagy’s concerns were Eritrea’s continuing detention of US citizens and Eritrean embassy employees as well as its purchases of arms from North Korea.

Africanews: Leadership of ex-Ogaden rebels return to Ethiopia from Eritrea – 02 December

  • Africanews reports that the leadership of former rebel group the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) has returned to Ethiopia from its base in Eritrea.
  • The delegation, led by Admiral Mohamed Omar, arrived at the Bole International Airport and were received by Finance Minister Ahmed Shide and president of the Somali Regional State, Mustafa Omer.
  • The ONLF is one of several former anti-government groups that were branded terrorist entities by the Ethiopian government, and were harboured by Eritrea during decades of a standoff sparked by a border war between the two.


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