Ariel view Asmara 1935

This is a photograph, dated 16 November 1935, was taken during the Italian invasion of Ethiopia and has this text on the back:

“Asmara – Nerve centre of Italian campaign in the North.

This picture, taken from an Italian military plane, is one of the few ariel views made of Asmara, the important base in Eritrea and ‘nerve centre’ of the Italian campaign on the northern front.

All supplies and munitions for the troops pass through the town, which is on the railway line from Massawa, the Eritrean port on the Red Sea. The native quarter, with its queer-shaped huts built with geometrical precision in long parallel lines, is on the outskirts of the city. At bottom right army transport lorries are lined up before they left with supplies for the war front.

Photo by Ray Rousseau, Acme’s Staff Photographer.”




  1. This picture leaves no doubt that Italians didn’t upgrade Asmera and the rest of Eritrea until 1935 , until their invasion of the rest of Ethiopia, which indicates Italian calaculation of economic viability the northern most region Ethiopia.


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