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Note: This is translated from French from Google translate

Today, Wednesday September 18th, is a “black day” for many Eritreans, including relatives of reformists and journalists incarcerated on September 18, 2001, in the great raid ordered that day by the authorities.

Their wrong in the eyes of the government: to have criticized the leadership of the all-powerful President Issayas Afewerki and demanded democratic reforms. Since that day, no prisoner has been charged or presented to a court, or even obtained contact with their families.

For the latter, it is therefore “despair” that prevails, as explained by Vanessa Tsehaye, niece of the photojournalist and film maker Seyoum Tsehaye, and founder of the campaign “One Day Seyoum”.

“Eighteen years is almost a life,” she laments. A child has time to become an adult in this period of time. This is all the more difficult as we have no news. We do not know if they are alive or if they will be released soon. This is a dark day for the families of Eritrean prisoners scattered around the world. And all those who know our country a little know that dialogue is impossible with the Eritrean regime. ”

“Nothing but continuous pressure can lead to anything. There is no question of negotiation, it is simply a requirement. And it is important to symbolically mark this day, “said Vanessa Tsehaye, for whom maintain this painful memory is essential.

“I remember one thing that my uncle’s wife said: it saved her from seeing that her husband’s fights had not been forgotten, that he had not struggled in vain,” he said.

She see that his battles are perpetuated all over the world, thanks to the preservation of his memory. There are many wounds to heal. And I think that a great part of the cure is to keep the prisoners’ combat alive, and show that this fight was not in vain.”


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