Eritreans Jailed EgyptThere are reports that the Egyptian police jailed 81 Eritrean protesters who were attempting to raise issues with the UNHCR concerning their treatment. [See below]

Witnesses say that the Egyptian police seem to have considered the demonstration a protest against the Egyptian government and as a security issue.

Most of those detained are reported to have been released, but five are said to remain in detention at an undisclosed location.

Most of those still in prison are outspoken critics of the government in Eritrea.

Their friends suspect PFDJ embassy staff of being behind presenting the march to the police as something against the Egyptian government.

They are afraid Egypt will deport those still in detention to make an example of them.

Human Rights Watch has previously expressed its concern that Eritreans would be ‘refouled’ – or deported back to Eritrea.





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