Almaz Habtemariam was arrested two weeks ago, according to sources in Asmara.
She joined EPLF at a very young age in mid 1970’s and served as a patriotic Eritrean with her brothers and sisters.
The whole family was involved in the struggle from the 1960’s onwards.
Almaz is the spouse of former finance minister Berhane Abrehe, who is under surveillance and is ‘frozen’. He was seen as a critical voice inside Eritrea.
Berhane Abrehe at UNHe was demoted (and some say resigned) from his position as finance minister, after he challenged the president to be accountable of the revenues from mining and other natural resources.
Berhane asked his colleagues to re-evaluate the direction of the country and implement the rule of law.
The president has refused to be accountable to his people.
Young people continue to leave the country because there are so few opportunities, such low salaries, but President Isayas blames Eritrean mothers for encouraging their children to leave the country.
Many Eritreans are furious, and have condemned such blatant disregard and contempt for Eritrean families.



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