It can be installed in just a few minutes and is integrated with your existing website. To make management even easier, you can create separate affiliate groups within the app and set different commission levels for each group. Without tracking metrics, you won’t know what your affiliates are doing and whether or not your affiliate management system marketing is going in the right direction. But try as you might, you probably won’t be able to track and count every single click, comment, or action made by your affiliates – especially if you have several of them. Have a look at the 6 biggest reasons why you should use an affiliate management system in your company.

  • Flexible rewards, including percentage commission, fixed cash, one-off, recurring, and lifetime commissions.
  • First, affiliate marketing can help companies get noticed by their target audience.
  • Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular means of making some extra income online and letting people know about your business/products.
  • When managed properly the affiliate channel can make up a significant portion of a brand’s online revenue, with high ROAS and low CPA.
  • The solution features direct linking, tracking code URLs, and even impression tracking if that’s what you need.
  • You’ll end up paying extra fees to the network – often up to 30% of affiliate sales.

Show affiliates they are valued, so they are motivated to stay active in your program.They’re partners who are bringing value to your company. Focus on supporting affiliates to create quality content that speaks to your customer’s needs. Finding the right affiliates who align with your brand vision and goals, share a niche or audience, and can deliver results, requires effort.

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After saving the changes, your newly added commission record should now appear under the “Commissions” section with a “Manual” tag. Besides, we have also provided an option to view your generated report. This will redirect you to the Monthly Affiliate Payout section where you find all the generated reports for payouts. From second drop down you can either select all products or any particular product. From the first drop-down you can select All affiliate or any particular affiliated partner you want to select.

This enables us to maximize value for our clients beyond simple management of their program. Your affiliate manager can draw on the best practices and learnings from previous campaigns to ensure that your affiliate program performs to its highest potential. That’s why we have an in-house team of data scientists who can analyze vast amounts of information across several programs, then advise on the best approach to take for maximal results. Get in touch to learn more about our services or request a program audit. An affiliate manager is responsible for the success of an affiliate program and will assist in the management and scaling an online business.

Through our daily reports, we arm your business with the best possible opportunities to seize this growth. That’s where affiliate program management software comes into the picture. Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to drive sales and brand awareness.

What to Look for in Affiliate Marketing Software

Readily available customer assistance is equally important for brands as it is for affiliates. PartnerMatrix affiliate software solution allows for multi-brand campaigns creation and tracking, as well as keeping the affiliate registrations and access separate for each brand. With the integration of 40+ traffic sources, you can control all affiliate marketing campaigns in one dashboard. And by choosing this affiliate marketing software, you also get an anti-fraud kit, so all bots fade away. This affiliate tracking software is great for its one-click integrations with 20+ apps, some of which are ecommerce, marketing, payment processors, CRM, and email marketing platforms. One advantage is the platform’s ability to recruit new affiliates.

what is affiliate management system

Plus, you can also run customer referral programs, ambassador programs, and other word-of-mouth marketing programs with Referral Rock, based on what best fits your brand’s needs. To use consumers as their own personal marketers for their goods and services, an increasing number of companies are implementing affiliate management solutions. This occurs at a time when customer purchase decisions are more influenced by public opinion. In this article, we will go through the intricate details of this side of the affiliate marketing sector and explore everything it has to offer. We will also take a look at what important aspects you need to watch out for when looking for a service to work with and how to get started with the solutions of your choice.

Gain the freedom to partner with everyone

They should derive a plan to help recruit affiliates, manage affiliate promotions and negotiate deals between the affiliates and their clients. At Advertise Purple, our affiliate managers are key employees that usually has between 5-10 years of experience inaffiliate managementwhich means they know exactly how to manage your channel. Our account managers will work with you to learn your business model and develope the right strategy to achieve your business goals. They also liaise with third-party networks and handle media buying if that’s part of your strategy. Your affiliate manager is also responsible for generating insightful reports and can provide digital marketing consulting services to help your program improve.

Our affiliate program management team can handle the entire process from start to finish and deliver insightful reports to your staff so they’re always kept up-to-date on program developments. Our expert team has an in-depth understanding of the affiliate industry and what it takes to ensure your program scales effectively to drive successful business results. We can develop your affiliate networks into profitable lead generators that deliver increased sales revenue.

A wallet page also exists on the affiliate side and vendor side where they both can display all system activity of commissions under their account. You can invite unlimited persons to be your vendors and they will be able to integrate any site, the same as the admin does with affiliates. By this, they can boost their own sales, and the admin can earn a commission for each sale and click. She has worked for fast-growing SaaS startups in Copenhagen and Helsinki. Currently, she’s growing the in-housepartner program at Supermetrics.

Our affiliate software solution provides real-time reports with multiple breakdowns as well as detailed bets history for a better insight. PartnerMatrix also delivers feeds and APIs for affiliates to obtain reports and data automatically. With PartnerMatrix affiliate platform you can control multiple brands and products data at the same time while keeping the affiliate registrations and access separate for each brand. Changing landing pages, permissions, languages, or payment methods has never been easier.

what is affiliate management system

Software can help you take much of the guesswork out of affiliate management and provides a lot of extras that make planning, reporting, and tracking seamless. When choosing affiliate management software for your business, look for value offerings, great customer support, and a solid industry reputation. Affiliate data will help you refine your marketing strategy – collecting concrete and measurable results is key. Tracking affiliates’ sales activity helps you determine whether you’re hitting your revenue goals.


Everflow can help you discover new partners through their marketplace called EverXChange. Unlike many other affiliate marketplaces, partners on the EverXChange platform have a track record of bringing great results. Learn how some of our customers are using Supermetrics to centralize their marketing data and automate reporting.

what is affiliate management system

Of course, it should still be intuitive and user-friendly, but the features come first. Affiliates can easily share marketing content across all the popular social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Provides a dedicated affiliate area for your affiliates to track their performance, view earnings, retrieve their referral URL, find creatives, and more. Use comprehensive visuals, easily-digestible reporting, and on-demand performance analytics mapping to gain full visibility into your partner data. Create customized data overviews using advanced filtering and visualization options to streamline your marketing efforts. Choice of custom high-converting landing pages available for affiliates to use.

Unlike other agencies, we have an in-depth understanding of what makes a successful marketing channel that’s built on real data, not best guesses. Part of affiliate marketing is taking what’s currently popular and using that information to your company’s advantage. Our affiliate marketing team always does extensive research on the newest insights and patterns that’ll help each of our clients get ahead of the competition. One way we keep up the quality of our successful management is by attending select industry events. We integrate much of what we learn into our general affiliate marketing program.

An Affiliate Management Software Based on Transparency

This also includes coaching affiliates on how to improve their sales and providing incentives where needed. You’ll end up paying extra fees to the network – often up to 30% of affiliate sales. You can completely eliminate this cost when you create an affiliate program exclusively for your business.

Affiliate managers can view, manage, or adjust monthly payment requests with ease. PartnerMatrix gives both operators and affiliates access to a growing portfolio of payment and withdrawal methods. To effectively communicate with your affiliates based on their players’ behavior, player segmentation brings you endless ways to group your players. Affiliates can work with multiple deals and managers can create player segments and use them for affiliates to acquire special and multiple offers. This module allows you to add multiple admins that can help you manage your online platform and they will be able to manage any of the sections on the admin panel the same as you. For security reasons, They will not be able to delete the admin users and create a new admin user.

Customer Management

Unfortunately, these ambitions didn’t work out for various reasons. Many registered affiliates have all but abandoned their businesses plans, making them useless for promoting your brand. With Purply, you gain access to a service that has already generated over $1 billion in affiliate sales for its current users. At the same time, they should offer their clients peace of mind by providing the highest level of fraud detection and other security features.

Contains – You can randomly give any input and based on your input the system will provide you details. To ease the work and reduce the manual efforts we have added an advanced filter that will help you to find what you are looking for within a sec.

If you don’t have time to take care of an affiliate program yourself, you might be thinking about hiring a person to do it for you. However, that would mean that you need to go through a lengthy recruitment process to find a good accountant. Moreover, this means additional costs for your business such as a regular salary, benefits, taxes, office supplies, and so on. With fraud detection tools, you can see if there are repeated clicks, sign-ups, or orders from the same IP address or location. You can also create a blacklist of suspicious IP addresses, which the system won’t take into count when counting clicks or sign-ups. This protects you from losing money on illegally earned commissions and keeps your affiliate metrics safe, as they won’t get affected by unreliable data coming in from suspicious activities.

Minimum Payout – Minimal commission amount earned by an affiliate to include it to the payout report. Moreover, there are more options available such as the export button and advanced filters. When you click on the affiliate button then 6 options will be displayed on the screen. The technical storage or access that is used exclusively for anonymous statistical purposes. A great place to start is reaching out to affiliates down in clicks and revenue year or year. And what should you do to avoid paying commission on leads that aren’t genuine?


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