Here is the Annual Report for 2018.

Eritrea Focus Annual Report 2018

A real year of achievements – in the UK Parliament, with the Eritrean diaspora and with the British government.

It is a pity that so little has changed in Eritrea itself, with thousands still languishing in prison, religious groups suppressed and vast numbers still trapped in National Service.

When will it end?

All Party Parliamentary Group on Eritrea hearing on religious persecution





  1. 1. No mention of who publishes the report, their contact info, etc.

    2. In the linked report there is a mention of “Building Democracy in Eritrea Conference” but I can’t find any more info about it online other than what is in the document. Do you have any info?

    3. The report mentions about website for the organization or publication but doesn’t give the name nor the link.

    On page 6:
    Building Democracy in Eritrea Conference
    Funding has been secured for a major conference on the future of democracy in Eritrea, to be held at
    Senate House, University of London, from 24-25 April 2019. The conference will centre around three
    core themes – rule of law (Day 1), the economy (Day 1), and working together (Day 2) – and focus on
    tangible action plans for the post-Isaias transition period. Each day will be focused around a keynote
    speech followed by a breakout session, where key ideas will be discussed and revised in a collaborative
    process. The conference will close with an evening of Eritrean music and dance, at a venue TBC.
    The conference agenda is being finalised, and potential keynote speakers, break-out session
    moderators, and delegates will be identified and approached. Invitations will be issued in January.

    Page 8:
    A new Eritrea Focus website was launched in 2018, to be used as a platform for communicating Eritrea
    Focus news and events, and sharing materials including public statements and reports. The website
    also contains information about the APPG.
    Eritrea Focus Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts were established and used throughout the
    year to promote the group’s campaigns and messages. Further efforts will be made in 2019 to
    maintain an active and effective social media presence, to raise the profile of Eritrea Focus and drive
    engagement with its activities.


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